The engine oil in REBER gearmotors doesn't need to be refilled or replaced with new one: its composition is suitable for accidental contact with food and does not need to be changed / refilled. It is longlife.

An exception is made when:

- the engine loses a lot of oil: empty it completely and fill it again with REBER motor oil cod. 1073 A

QUANTITY: 80 g for 500-600-1200 W motors; 40 g for 400 W (completely empty) gear motors.

The noise of our machines is quite normal, they are engines. If the machines run empty, the noise increases.

Warming is also normal.

Yes. There are 2 other filter cones with different holes diameter: there is one with 1.1 mm holes and one with 2.5 mm holes.

REBER tomato squeezers can be divided in 2 different classes:

- N3 is the 400 W motor

- N5 are 500-600 and 1200 W motors

The machine may have been accidentally unprogrammed. Follow the instructions on the booklet to bring the machine back to the original parameters.

Better not. Our machines are born to perform vacuum and optimum welding with our embossed vacuum bags.

Yes, you can seal plastic food bags pushing only the seal botton and excluding vacuum process. Please pay attention to user's manual in order to use the vacuum machine in manual mode.

Let's make a premise: our bags can be used for cooking vacuum-packed in a bain-marie, ie the bag should be immersed in hot water.

Some clarifications must also made. All our bags packed in envelopes can be immersed in water at 60 ° C for 8 hours or at 100 ° C for 4 hours.

Rolls and bags packed in boxes, however, can be immersed in water at 60 ° C for 5h or 92 ° C for 4h.

The kg's capacity of REBER sausages filler does not exactly match that in liters: a fat dough mixture will have a higher mass than a dough of lean meat but it will weigh less and vice versa.

To match the historical nomenclature in kg, REBER reports the capacity in liters and the capacity in kg as close to reality as possible (taking note of the above).

It should be noted, however, that our sausages filler have a slightly higher capacity in kg than stated (an exception must be made for the 8 kg bag which has a capacity of 8 kg.

REBER vacuum machines otentiometer is used to adjust the welding power.

For the first 2 welds with REBER bags and / or rolls, place it on ORANGE color; for 3rd and 4th welding pass to YELLOW color; from the 5th welding to continuous shift to GREEN color. For prolonged uses, after the first welds, place the potentiometer on the GREEN to prevent pre-welding, the machine will work properly.

A professional appliance:

- It has a larger production capacity than a household and it can work continuously for longer

- the material it is made of is stainless steel suitable for contact with food, or sometimes there may be tin-cast iron equipment, however fit and certified: it is always advisable to contact the local authorities to know what to choose

- for safety regulations, professional equipment is dated to a device that prevents the unit from restarting itself after power failure: the machine must be switched on again by an operator

- if there are other persons using the appliance (activities with employees) it is always advisable to request the machine with LOW VOLTAGE SWITCH: it is a 24 volt switch that does not harm the operator even in case of accidental contact

A household appliance:

- it has a reduced production capacity, if it is operated for a long time there is a device (thermal protector) that blocks its operation, avoiding overheating

- does not have the low voltage switch

- It is made up of different materials (sometimes also stainless steel), always suitable for their use


REBER grinding plates can be made of carbon steel C55 or stainless steel AISI 420. After use, the plates should be washed with warm water, without aggressive detergents, thoroughly dried and oiled with cooking oil before being pinned. Also, the stainless steel plates should be carefully dried as the AISI 420 is different from the AISI 304 or 316: it is a hardened stainless steel to be sharp (a feature that can not have 304 or 316), so it can rust with the time if not looked after. Plates with losanga holes are made of carbon steel, although the glossy appearance can deceive and make them look like inox. A slight layer of rust can be removed by rubbing it with a common kitchen towel.

REBER produces different articles according to the destination market, using specific components according to the needs acquired over the years.

The differences can also be substantial and cover aspects ranging from the type of engine, up to the insertion of a specific manual in addition or instead of the one normally inserted for products intended for the Italian market. It is therefore possible that the service center of a country is not always able to repair a product created for a different country.

REBER SRL warranty covers where the product is sold. If the foreign assistance center is not able to repair a machine because it is produced for another change / market, it will be seller's responsibility to re-send the machine at his expense to the REBER SRL service center .

The short body is not suitable for bagging, the long body is preferable. In the long body, however, the meat is likely to heat up more in the passage compared to a short body.

Tomatoes have different sizes and even seeds do not have always identical and perfect caliber.

We must avoid pushing the tomatoes too much into the body of the squeezed tomato and let the propeller drag them naturally into the filter cone.

Also check that the filter cone is not clogged: if it is, move with the cutting edge of a knife to clean it and continue to pass the tomatoes.

It is also possible to make a second pass of tomatoes if they are very juicy and ripe.